News | 12/11/2020

Etain in The New York Times:

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By Alix Strauss

Oct. 7, 2020



“The pandemic delayed our original opening, April 20, which is a pretty big holiday for us,” said Hillary Peckham, a co-founder of Etain Health, a high-end cannabis dispensary chain, which eventually opened on East 58th Street, after a slight construction delay, in August.



“Everything felt impossible but not opening was unacceptable,” Ms. Peckham said. “Providing care for our patients was the biggest motivator. I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if we didn’t.”



The shop’s original 1,500 square-foot location on East 39th Street closed last July, anticipating that the uptown flagship — all 5,000 square feet of it — would soon take its place 19 blocks north. “The construction pause let us take another approach with the design to create a fresher feel while accommodating for more space for people in case there was a second wave,” Ms. Peckham said.



The family-run business acted like a team, with each person chipping in to help. Ms. Peckham’s brother-in-law was in charge of the light fixtures, while everyone else painted and installed wallpaper. “It was very inspiring to see everyone helping and coming together,” Ms. Peckham said.



In addition to filling prescriptions, the dispensary will offer demonstrations, lectures and classes. Within its first month of opening, Etain saw more than 800 patients. John Douglas, a loyal client, lives just blocks away from the new shop. “Having them here was a happy surprise,” he said. “This is so welcoming and pretty. I’d love to just take off my mask, have a coffee and chill here all day.”



Read the full article HERE and stop by the Etain Health NYC medical cannabis flagship dispensary at 242 East 58th Street to experience the space.